Jon Shepro

Jon cofounded Get Schooled in 2018. He was born and raised in Fairfield. He is married and has two daughters. Jon graduated from Boston University and University of Bridgeport with an MA in Education and History and has more than 20 years of teaching experience in Fairfield County public schools. Additionally, he has directed several summer camps and continues to coach varsity volleyball. Jon spends his summers learning the ins and outs of the Connecticut coast and brings a unique skill set that the students will enjoy.


Eric Mongirdas

Eric Mongirdas cofounded Get Schooled with Jon in 2018. He also lives in Fairfield. Eric lives with his wife and two daughters and is a native of the metro Boston area. Eric graduated from Penn State University and has an MA from Simmons College and Harvard University. He has over 20 years of teaching experience including high school in Fairfield County, as well as a local community college. During the summer, Eric enjoys fishing off his kayak in the sound as well as exploring local rivers and lakes.


Scott Morrison

Scott was raised in Fairfield and currently lives in Black Rock with his wife. Scott graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BGS in Evolutionary Ecological Biology. After 10 years in the financial industry, primarily as a Market Maker/Equity Trader, Scott left the financial industry and became a police officer. Scott received extensive training as an EMR First Responder. He was also a member of the Dive Team, the Marine Division, and a negotiator with the regional Swat Team.  Scott recently retired as a police officer and is looking forward to spending more time fishing.


Get Schooled follows state and local regulations and teaches safety extraction measures to release the fish.